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Heon Kim

Drummer / Educator

Heon is a drummer and educator.  As an educator, he is committed to guiding students facing difficulties on a journey through the world of music, helping them discover their potential and building their self-confidence. As a drummer, his jazz-based music expresses his artistic sensibility creatively and musically.

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Heon Kim (Drummer / Educator)

“Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three.”(Confucius)

Heon Kim is an educator who believes in empathy and communication with students, fostering a customized teaching approach that encourages their creativity and enthusiasm rather than relying on one-sided, rote learning. He has completed numerous educational programs and experienced various curricula while researching the essence of music education.

 Having studied at Kukje University of Arts, Seoul Jazz Academy, and Berklee College of Music, Heon has gained extensive knowledge from excellent educational courses, which has led him to develop his unique teaching methods. He shares his expertise with many students, guiding them to unleash their full potential. During his time in the Republic of Korean Navy Band, Heon has gained valuable insights from performing on diverse stages, ranging from trios to 100-member orchestras and choirs. He passes on not only musical knowledge but also the wisdom he has accumulated through these experiences to his students.

 "Music is a special art that touches people's hearts like magic, providing solace and healing even in difficult moments. Through my own musical journey, I aspire to share this magic with everyone.” (Heon Kim)

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